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I've played guitar for a number of years. I started to play in the early years of high school. If you play guitar you understand 'gear', if you don't play, 'gear' is all of the 'stuff' you can buy when you fall down that rabbit hole. Guitars, amps, effects... It can become an obsession. Guitar players are searching for tone or sometimes they just want the look. They are driven to fuel their passion. One area in the gear spectrum that is falling short are the speaker cabinets. They are the bridge between the gear and your ears. Such an important piece of the chain is overlooked and in desperate need of a redesign.

Box Joint
Box Joint
Box Joint
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Guitar speaker cabinets are big, heavy, awkward boxes. On top of that, they don't really sound that great. The plan was to create a cab that was lighter but just as durable, had better sound dispersion and did not color the tone provided by the coveted guitar gear. First, an internal volume was chosen to provide the proper environment for 12" guitar speakers to thrive. Next, that internal volume was used to determine the overall size and shape of the cabinet. Raw materials were selected and baltic birch was at the top of the list. Box joints were used to create a strong structure. Finally, the hardware was selected based on the aesthetics on the cab and the quality that was desired. The final product was nothing short of stunning. Lightweight and strong, attractive and bold with supreme clarity and sound dispersion.

Citrus Electrification 2X12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet