` About Christoher Bobick

About Christopher

I take ideas and concepts and turn them into physical products.

I am a multi skilled designer with 10+ years experience in the industry. I have worked with a wide variety of customers, large and small alike. The majority of my work in the consumer goods/ manufacturing sector creating products for the music gear, snow-sport, houseware and glassware industries, but am always open to new venues and areas to design.

I work with metal, plastic, composites and wood. I can build physical prototypes or create 3D models. Form and function are equally important design principles in my design process. I believe a sharp attention to detail and great communication skills are a necessity to creating great products.

Christopher Bobick
Chris at Squaw Valley

I love to travel and explore.

I enjoy adventure in any form. Travel and meeting new people are important to a creative mind. Board sports and two wheeled activities are high on the list of activities to do while traveling. I also tend to design and build many of the items used on those adventures in my free time. Good music and good food are also a must. When the adventures are over I often spend time reading to fuel my endless quest for knowledge.

I would love to hear about your new project!